Do lizards menstruate?

Of course they don’t! They aren’t mammals, they are reptiles, and reptiles do not menstruate.

I was walking to my favorite coffee shop to work on Histocial. On the way there, I stumbled upon a lizard. I stared at it for a while. It was lying there, with a significant trail of blood behind it. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. The blood trail was so weird! as It was only three inches long. How did that lizard bleed like that? It looked like someone picked it up, slit its underside, and it walked for a little bit and then stopped from the pain.

I saw its front right arm move. I didn’t expect that; it looked really dead. Then, it slithered into the bushes with no blood behind it, as if nothing happened. I was so stunned I couldn’t take pictures of any of that. The least I can do is illustrate it by drawing it with my own pen and paper, but I’m not going to even do that. You will have to use your imagination if you want to see what I saw.

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Interacting with all these people,
Wishing they weren’t such sheeple.
Following orders from ones like me,
Trying to avoid jealousy.
Talking to their kind the other day,
Made me realize I was gay.
Just kidding; I’m not.
But, that’s probably what you thought.
Jealousy can be controlling to some.
The ones that are controlled, are mum.

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How to make friends

Out of clay; that’s the only way.

Say “Hi!” to them with a smile on your face. You need to seem friendly if you want to befriend somebody. You may be fiendly if you want a fiend.

Find out what they like to do. Ask them questions. People like being asked about their life, unless they are depressed…then maybe it’s a bad idea, but what do I know. Don’t just ask questions, tell them about your life too. It must be a conversation: a two way lane; one way lanes are frustrating.

Ask their contact (email, phone, fb, etc.)  and ask them when’s the next time they have free time to hangout with you. Tell them when you normally have free time if they have too much free time.

Most people are really lazy, you must be persistent if you want to hangout with them in the near (instead of far or non-existent) future. However, if they reject you two or three times, you should drop it. They are not worth your time and effort. If they want to hangout with you later, be the lazy one. That doesn’t mean you have to reject them. I’m just saying you shouldn’t put too much thought into setting up a date; that’s on them.

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And that’s what ails me.

The pellet from your gun is in my heart, and that’s what ails me.
I have a void, I cannot fill it. O, how I wish you could see!
It grows deeper and deeper,
As my love for you grows steeper and steeper.
When can we meet; I cannot stand this distance between us.
You may think it doesn’t hurt me, but it definitely does.

Explanation for future self and people reading this:

I said the first line during an improv scene in long-form.

This is how the scene went:

It was set up in the wild west. There was a guy that was about to shoot another guy…but then I (a damsel) got shot instead. I was in the hay for a little bit…had an out of body experience; someone saw my dead body and a ghost. But then I got better and looked for help. I asked a guy on a horse if he could call a doctor or something. He called up a witch (a gender-neutral profession he said) and he was about to do some spell, when a doctor came in and asked me what ails me and I said:

A pellet from a gun is in my soul *took a 3 second pause* and that’s what ails me.

Then he started putting leaches on my arm. He was a very bad doctor.

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Happy Birthday To Me!

I just went through my first twelve months of being an adult. This year was seriously the best year I’ve ever lived thus far. I can only imagine my future. The future looks pretty bright from where I’m metaphorically standing right now.


I wanted to start fresh and cut my hair off right after my birthday, but I couldn’t; I was in Jack And The Beanstalk at the time. I was played Jack’s mom and the ogre’s wife. Both nameless. Sexist, am I right? It’s an old story. So, it doesn’t matter as much.

I got my hair chopped off right before prom at the end of April. That was also when I “graduated” high school. I put “graduated” in quotation marks because I never went to school in the first place and I’m still doing everything I used to do and more. I did, however, get a diploma. Straight A’s. Honor student. My mom went all out on me, teehee.

I grew a lot from when I went to Portland (Oregon) all by myself. I had to supervise myself and buy my own groceries. I was pretty independent at home. The only difference was that if I was stuck someplace in the middle of the night, I couldn’t just call my dad to save me. I had to make sure my cell was charged so that I could call a taxi. Read #6 of this post.

I also grew a lot from living at my grandparent’s house in Michigan. I haven’t posted anything about it yet, but when I do, I’ll try to link it here.

And last, but not least: I got a job! I had pretty much lost hope; I got rejected about 30 times before getting my current job. I’m so happy I got it; I actually like working there! The bosses, coworkers, and customers are all very friendly.

Here’s a bunch of lists for my readers that don’t like to read:

Places I’ve been to for two nights or more:

  1. Monterrey, CA
  2. Portland, OR
  3. Santa Cruz, CA
  4. Lansing, MI

Videos I’ve made:

  1. The Magician
  2. The Wannabe Ball
  3. The Rat That Got Tattered
  4. Cookie Drama
  5. Beautiful Day


  1. Taking a longish walk in one of Santa Cruz’s marsh trails with my dad.
  2. Taking the school bus to Deer Hollow everyday in the summer.
  3. Playing BS with campers after a LONG hike at Rancho San Antonio during DH camp.
  4. Playing 500 Rum with 1 person for 6 hours in the duration of 2 days in Portland.
  5. Having dinner at my friend’s house in Portland.
  6. Spending a whole day with an attractive guy…twice…maybe thrice.
  7. Going to a role-playing sleepover party.

Three cheers for another fun-filled year!

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I got my first job!

I have a real job! I had one for two weeks now! It’s time for me to share some job finding tips with you! You need to have skills. Not that many, but still. You gotta have them skillz!!

Step One: get skilled in the skilling area of skills.

You need to realize what people are looking for in the workforce and then learn how to write it down on your application paper. That was wordy. Learn how to be precise with your words. When you get the interview: you score major points. But that’s not the end! You need to learn how to respond to the interviewer’s questions. Tell them what they want to hear, but at the same time: DO NOT LIE. It will end badly if you do.

What they want to hear:

  • You work well with other people.
  • Are charismatic.
  • Can do basic arithmetic.
  • Reliable.
  • A fast learner and wants to learn.

When you talk about your skills, use examples. Lots of examples.

Of course they might also want some documents from college or years of experience, but I’m sure you can find a nice starter job if you do the five things on my bullet list.

Step Two: be persistent.

Ask your employer about your application if they haven’t interviewed you yet and about how your interview went if you went on one. Don’t ask if they tell you not to. Also, they like it when you ask questions about the job and when you know at least a little about the company.

When you meet the boss:

  • Smile.
  • Shake their hand. (I’ll write a post about this; there’s a science to it.)
  • Tell them you really want to work for them and why.
  • When they talk: listen to what they are saying.
  • Ask questions about what kind of person they are looking for.
  • Be yourself and relax; they can’t hire you if you weren’t you.

I like to write down the names of people I meet into my iPod; I remember faces and names separately. If I see a name and I know it’s one of the bosses, I remember the face.

Do the same for other people in the company; if they like you enough, they’ll put in a good word for you.

Step Three: have an awesome attitude.

That’s about it…

I was lucky when I found my first job. I went by the bar I tried to apply to last year…and then I walked backwards; I thought I might as well try again. And boom: I got hired on the spot. All I did was talk and write down when I’m available! Oh yeah, here’s another step:

Step Four: be available.

This may sound silly to some people. But, I’m a busy person. It used to be hard for me to be available because of how much I want to do at once. I feel like I do more because of my job; when time is scares I tend to use it more wisely.

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New Year Resolutions

For people that like haikus:
A new year is here.
A new year for me and you.
Much to see and do.

I’m only going to list the things that I actually want to do, not the things that I could do, but don’t really feel that inclined to do. I’m going to write all these things down and post it on my wall; I heard that if something is in sight, it is in mind, plus you are more inclined to do it.


  • Be able to do five chin-ups without struggling too much. (July)
  • Eat out no more than once a month. Same goes for sugary drinks like pearl tea.
  • Learn how to juggle with four balls. (May)
  • Learn how to ride my unicycle. (September)
  • Sleep enough at least five nights a week. Optimal: go to bed at 10pm.
  • Learn how to maintain my bike. (May)
  • Learn how to maintain a car. (July)


  • Hangout with at least one person per week.
  • Make a list of all my friends, and invite them to do stuff with me. (January)
  • When I want to say something to someone, I will.
  • I will at least try to like what other people like. Without being fake.
  • I wont force being friends with someone if it’s clearly not working.


  • Draw a picture everyday in my sketchbook.
  • Practice playing piano and ukulele at least four times a week.
  • Publish a website with the JavaScript programs I made and will make. (February)
  • Sew a dress from scratch that I can actually wear outside. (May)
  • Make a ten minute movie with at least one person. (November)


  • Get a job. (April)
  • Audition for something. (November)
  • Get a driver’s license. (March)
  • Look into what kind of car I want. (June)

I’ll give you an update on how I’m doing when summer solstice comes around.

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Without My Beloved Computer

I have decided that I needed a break from my computer. And, just so you know: I don’t exclusively watch videos and read pointless articles on it. I like to edit videos, program, and write on it as well. Although, it is true that I’ve been obsessing over social media a tad bit too much lately. I’m going to change that! I’ll tell you how at the end of my report.

It didn’t go as well as I had hoped. When I woke up, I didn’t get out of bed right away, in fact, I laid there and thought about pointless things for a whole hour before getting out! I thought about the conversations I had with all the different people in my life. I thought about what they had said and what I could have responded with.

I wanted to do something — anything! So, I walked to the park. It was a thirty minute walk. It was freezing! Why was I wearing leggings that day, I still don’t know. My legs were bright red after that walk. I stayed at the park and memorized my lines for the Christmas play I was in. I got very cold…so I migrated to the playground (I thought that, maybe, it would be warmer up there,) where there was still snow at the bottom of each slide from the previous day!

I sat up there and wrote down some things I could do after I get back to California. I decided that it was time to walk back. I walked back. I took a hot shower after that walk to get rid of my freezing cold red legs. It took me a long time to get my skin back to normal. I’m never doing that again…

I think I made cookies that day too, but I’m not sure.

One thing I do know: I talked to my English grandma more than usual; I wanted to make the time go by faster; I wanted to go to bed sooner. I wanted her to start making art again. I wanted us to découpage the electrical outlet plates. That conversation sparked the idea of making a collaborative art book a couple of days later. My grandpa joined in on the fun too! Every day we sit down at our dinner table and draw, then after that we write something that correlates to the drawing. I want the book to be called A Picture, and then the cover to be either a thousand random words or a thousand words that mean something to all three of us.

I still couldn’t fall asleep until 2 or 3 am; that’s my normal now. I played a lot of sudoku; that’s also my normal.

How am I going to start using the computer for only mostly useful things?

  • Get a job.
  • Practice driving.
  • Hangout with friends.
  • Go to meetups.
  • Go to the library or coffee/tea shop when I want to focus on my personal work.
  • Exercise at my awesome gym that I love so much.
  • Do crafty things like sewing, painting nails, and drawing.

I can only do 1.5 out of 6 things on this list right now. I’ll most likely do all of them when I get back to California; all these things are doable and I like doing them.




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How To: Music Video

Get An Idea

Look around in your life. Inspect everything. Pick a random object and write a story about it. I’m going to use my latest video as an example. I had a wind up rat that I wanted to use for at least one of my videos while I was still in Michigan. The first things that came to my mind were: Run away! That rat is scary and gross! Try to kill it?

I built off of that. You don’t have to restrict yourself to objects or what the song is literally about. You can base your video off of your favorite adjective, weather, or color. It doesn’t matter; you might not even use your original idea in the end. This exercise is just for inspirational purposes.

  1. Pick a random word.
  2. Write down the things that pop up in your head that correlate to that word.

Draw A Storyboard

I like to write down the basic plot and, maybe, some shots that I definitely want in my video. Then, I take a new piece of paper and draw a bunch of squares with two lines under each square. I like to write what the characters are saying or a description of the shot on the first line, and the music and sound effects on the second.

Envision how you want your video to play out and draw the important shots. They should be scribbles, not pieces of fine art! Draw well enough so that you’ll understand what you wanted to do later. If you thought of an extra shot that will make your movie better, just draw it after the shots you’ve already drawn. When you are done with your storyboard, number all of your shots in order.

If you want to be more organized: on a new piece of paper, write down the shots that could be taken all at once. You’ll save time that way by not going back and forth between locations.

  1. Write the plot with one paragraph.
  2. Make a storyboard from that plot: draw the shots and write down what you want for the audio.
  3. Group similar shots together.
  4. Write all the details down inside a list.

Shoot The Footage

If you need a someone to hold your camera or want to have more people in your movie: ask your friends/family if they want to help you and when they are available. Tell them what you want from them clearly. Send them the plot of your movie. You could also go online and ask total strangers, but I wouldn’t advice that.

Go to the location of your choice and start shooting! Bring your storyboard and grouped shot list, and keep track of what you did by putting marks on the shots you’ve completed. It usually takes me an hour of shooting per minute of the video after the editing.

Some pointers:

  • The light source should come from behind the camera.
  • Use the rule of thirds and different kinds of shot types.
  • Eliminate dead space, i.e. when you zoom in on someone, get rid of the space behind, above, and below them.
  • If you don’t have a tripod: widen your stance and put your elbows against your body.
  • Avoid doing too many pans; they get annoying when overused.
  • Have a buffer of about three seconds before and after each shot.

Those were all just pointers. You can go do whatever you want; it’s your video after all!

  1. Get a person if you need one.
  2. Go to the location of your choosing.
  3. Keep track of what shots you did.
  4. Look at the pointers to make the shots better.

Gather The Audio


Watch your footage at least once through and write down what kind of vibe you get from it, then find some free music on a website like the ones in the YouTube library! I keep track of what music and effects I want with paper and pen; it’s easier for me that way; I like crossing things off physically.

I don’t always use all the music I’ve gathered. Better safe than sorry! But don’t spend too much time on searching for music; it’ll drain your energy.

If you have rhythmic banging (for an example: watch my rat video) in your video, it makes it look way cooler when you have music with a beat that goes along with the rhythm of the banging. Of course, there’s also a wide variety of genres to choose from!

  1. Watch through your musicless footage.
  2. Decide on what kind of music you want for it.
  3. Look up free music and effects, and download them.
  4. Keep track of the audio by writing down which track is for what part of your video.

Put Everything Together

Cut all the stuff out you don’t want! You don’t have to use all the footage. If you don’t think it works, don’t use it! Play around with it!

You can either start with putting in the audio first, and then layering video on top of it. I usually like this approach better; It’s fun cutting the video according to what the lyrics say and the beat. Or you can start with the footage, edit it completely, and then cut up the audio underneath. I usually do it the first way. But as you can see here, I had a lot of fun with this new approach of layering the music under the already fully edited movie.

In the end, nothing matters. Make something out of nothing; the artist makes what the artist sees.

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Third Rosie Essay

Same as in Second Rosie Essay: read First Rosie Essay’s introduction. I forgot to add that a tiny bit of the writing was Rosie’s. She also gave me a couple of rules:

  1. My essays have to consist of five paragraphs.
  2. Each paragraph has to have at least three sentences.
  3. Use all the words in the title somewhere in my essay at least once.
  4. Provide examples, don’t assume the reader knows what I’m talking about.
  5. If I’m talking about a person, use their name in the beginning of each paragraph.
  6. No “slangy” words, use the thesaurus; I also need to vary the words.

Also: I don’t know how to make a serious essay, cut me some slack. I got a passing score on my Lansing Community College placement test anyway, and that’s all that matters!

My Experience With Online Dating

I have decided to try online dating; I wanted to see if I would have any luck finding a boyfriend that way. My experiment with online dating has helped me find three potential boyfriends. But, unfortunately, none of them turned out to be as fantastic as I had hoped. They all had at least one incompatibility with me.

First, there was Charlie. When I first saw him at our meeting spot (Portland’s living room) I was surprised by how he looked; he was shorter than I had anticipated him to be (he was an inch shorter than me) and he looked more chubby in his pictures too. We walked around Portland for about three hours. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I didn’t get bored out of my wits. We finally said our goodbyes after he told me about how miserable and depressed he was; it finally got pretty awkward after that.

Next, there’s Ben. I met him next to Pioneer Courthouse after eating some fried rice from a food cart. He was shorter than I had expected as well and less well built. It was probably the angle at which his picture was taken. He also looked very sleep deprived. He had dark circles under his eyes, and his hair was messy. Nevertheless, I had a nicer time with him than the first guy; we both had our scooters with us. We tried to play cards next to Willamette River, but the wind kept on blowing the cards away. So, we scootered across the river and to a nice coffee shop. Good thing we went in on time; it rained cats and dogs as soon as we sat down to play cards. When it stopped raining, we scootered over to Lloyed Center and played cards there. The only thing I didn’t like about him is that we had nothing in common except the passion toward card games.

The last guy I went on a date with was named Fredric. We met up at a pearl tea shop next to my house. He was the opposite when it came to his looks; he looked better in person than he did in his picture. His mouth curled at the tips exactly like Tobey Maguire’s, which I thought was super hot, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off them when he smiled! He was the best out of the three; he taught me how to play a new game: Rat-a-tat-tat! But, we still didn’t have enough in common, and I never saw him again.

In conclusion, I have learned that even if I have one thing in common with my date — we both like playing cards — it doesn’t mean that we are compatible. I have also learned that it’s better to know what I want in a boyfriend, so that I spend less time with guys that lack the qualities that I need them to have. In the future, I will make a list of questions to ask my date to make the experience smoother.

This essay was written on the 8th of September in 2016.

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